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What happens when Tom reinvents the icons of mobility produced by Volkswagen? A firework of forms and colours: he changes the classic Beetle, Bully and New Beetle into beautiful and joyful birds of paradise. In doing so, Tom turned into reality what millions of people see in these legendary cars: freedom, joy, adventure. These cars still awaken many emotions today. They are therefore perfect "targets" for Tom. The consequence? Their emotional impact has only grown stronger. Tom brings the myth back and places it literally before our eyes. The result of his experience is an extraordinary Club Edition of car miniatures that move us. In total ten models await the Volkswagen fans, the collectors or the people who are simply looking for a crazy object to decorate their home. These already cult miniatures are sold in the name of the Kunden Club GmbH of the Volkswagen group and can be found worldwide at the Volkswagen Club, at the partners of the Volkswagen Club and at all the retailers partners of Tom's Company.
Volkswagen Artist's Collection


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